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About Ellen K. Graham

Ellen K. Graham writes plays, screenplays, and narrative nonfiction.  A Denver native and a graduate of the University of Chicago, she has been a finalist for the Shakespeare’s Sister Fellowship, Clubbed Thumb’s Biennial Commission, the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, and the Global Age Project. Her work has been produced in Chicago, Columbus, New York City, and in Denver, where she has worked with many companies, including And Toto Too, Benchmark, Buntport TheaterPandemic Collective, Athena Project, the Edge Theatre, Paragon, and the Denver Center Theatre Company. She is the founder of Feral Assembly, a co-founder of Shocking Beyond Belief! Films (“The Sword of Truth Behind the Shield of Entertainment”), and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

See her full theatre résumé.

About Feral Assembly

Feral Assembly is not a theatre company. We have no season, no board, no budget, no members. We just want to tell stories, on stage and in the studio, that engage a diverse and curious audience. 

Past projects include:

  • 2019: THE NEVER SUMMER, a dystopian fairy tale by Ellen K. Graham, at Theater 29.

  • 2018: BURNT OFFERING, a play by Dakota C. Hill, co-production with Chase & Be Still Productions at Theater 29.

  • 2016: GENIUS OF LOVE, a telenovela in three acts by Ellen K. Graham, 2016. Stream it at Denver Open Media.

  • 2014: THE NIGHT SEASON, a play by Ellen K. Graham, production at work|space Denver.

My latest projects
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