Near Future/Recent Past

October 2020. "Against Sand," interactive short play developed with John Aden, to be presented as part of Project Playbox at Theater 29.

August 2020. “Blinding Lights,” production, as part of OGP/MadLab Theatre‘s Social Distancing Theater Festival.

December 2019.  “Home,” production, as part of Lulubird Project's "Hidden World's and Strange Negotiations" at Theater 29.

November 2019.  “Home,” production, as part of the PARAGON Festival at Otherworld Theater (Chicago).

October 2019. LOKI's MONSTROUS CHILDREN, reading, as part of Benchmark Theatre‘s Third Annual Fever Dream Festival. 

August 2019. THE NEVER SUMMER, production, Feral Assembly at Theater 29.

July 2019. On the line-up for live storytelling show the Narrators, on the topic of "Burn."

July 2019. Featured writer for ESCAPE: a Multi-Genre Mashup at Theater 29 Denver.

May 2019.  THE WAVE THAT SET THE FIRE, reading, Otherworld Theater (Chicago).

May 2019. “Home,” production, as part of MadLab Theatre‘s Theater Roulette Festival.

June 2019.  "Choose Your Own Adventure," a super-short play, production, as part of And Toto Too's annual Play Crawl.

January 2019. "Home,” production, as part of The Navigators's Fourth Annual Lift-Off New Play series.

November – December 2018.  COYOTE. BADGER. RATTLESNAKE., collaboration with Buntport Theater

October 2018.  THE WAVE THAT SET THE FIRE, production, MadLab Theatre (Columbus, Ohio).

October 2018.  “Home,” reading as part of Benchmark Theatre‘s Second Annual Fever Dream Festival.

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